Family Attractions in NYC

With tons of family-friendly activities and attractions, New York City is a great place for families to live and vacation. Hussain al Nowais is a retired chef who owned a restaurant in NYC. Today, he enjoys visiting the city with his family and grandchildren.

Check out his favorite attractions in NYC:

1. Central Park – Hussain al Nowais loves Central Park for its beautiful trails, greenery and statues, as well as wide range of activities. Whether you want to get out and enjoy nature, go for a run, or visit the zoo, there’s plenty to do in the 843-acre park. The park has over 20 playgrounds and nearly 50 fountains and sculptures. At the zoo, you can see a wide range of animals from all over the world, including grizzly bears, snow leopards and penguins.

2. Yankee Stadium – Baseball is America’s favorite pastime. Hussain al Nowais is a huge baseball fan and loves watching baseball games with his family. His favorite team is the New York Yankees, so he often catches games at their stadium whenever he is in town.

3. Bronx Zoo – The Bronx Zoo is home to about 5,000 animals from all around the world. The zoo is 265-acres and houses a large variety of exotic and endangered species, including snow leopards, the sifaka lemur and the fossa. The zoo also has common favorites like gorillas, polar bears and sea lions.